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  ACCEO - Presentational material

These materials are freely available for use in discussing the concept of ACCEO. A caption is provided for each image (JPEG format). Clicking on any of the small images will take you to a larger image and associated caption. You can download the larger image to your computer with a "right-click" on the larger image and "save picture as".

acceo3.jpg (51867 bytes) ACCEO web page design without links
50 year CalCOFI.jpg (463805 bytes) Surveyed area in the past and the current survey pattern of the CalCOFI program
Pattern 49-60.jpg (549701 bytes) CalCOFI survey pattern 1949-1960
Coastwidevol.jpg (364486 bytes) CalCOFI zooplankton volume Canadian-US border to Baja California June 1972 and October 1972
waorca.jpg (579871 bytes) Survey pattern of ten TINRO-AFSC surveys 1980-1987 from Doyle 1992
Survey&spp.jpg (447550 bytes) Most populations extend far beyond boundaries of regional surveys (hake sardine and sablefish as examples)
ACCEO4.jpg (97017 bytes) Key points regarding ACCEO concept as described in white paper
Draft survey map for ACCEO plankton surveys Jan 2003
acceo1_1.jpg (179051 bytes) List of existing surveys by country and new or enhanced lines needed to fill the gaps
acceo2.jpg (106587 bytes) Key points regarding draft survey design in US waters for current-wide monitoring
image2.gif (24259 bytes) Spread sheet for costs related to draft ACCEO survey plan for US waters
ocmag_bio_ts1.jpg (163147 bytes) Anomaly time-series of selected biological observations in the California Current System for the period 1980-2001.