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  ACCEO - Nomination and Guidelines

Friends of ACCEO

There are two new items on the ACCEO web site. A nomination for ACCEO participation in the IOOS-Oceans Regional Summit submitted to the OCEAN.US Office on 14 January 2003, and draft guidelines for an ACCEO monitoring plan.

The nomination document advocates the participation of ACCEO in the Regional Summit Meeting for the development of IOOS, organized by OCEAN.US, taking place March 31 - April 1 2003. The objective of the IOOS meeting is to share opinions on policies and governance of developing regional observing systems, achieve consensus on the terms for participating in the IOOS and formulate performance criteria for regional pilot projects.

The guidelines document (PDF format, MS Word format) is a synthesis of all ACCEO meetings held in 2002. I decided to write a synthesis of all meeting transactions, rather than write minutes based only on the meeting in Portland last September. As we made substantial progress in our last meeting held in Portland, much of the synthesis is drawn from informal notes written in Portland last September. I want to emphasize that the guidelines are a draft document; no one has had the opportunity to review it. Comments, criticisms, and editorial changes are strongly encouraged. So please send me your comments. If comments raise more than editorial issues, I intend to post them on the ACCEO web site. So if you offer such comments, let me know if you do not want them posted. I do not intend to revise the document until events require a revision except for minor editorial matters. The collection of comments or addenda posted on the web will help when that time comes.

Thank you very much for participating and giving your valuable time to this project.


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