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Ad hoc Climate and Ecosystem Committee

In March 2005, the Board of Governors,   created an ad hoc Climate and Ecosystems Committee (Table 1). Their assignment was to write a short draft proposal on Climate and Ecosystems for the California Current System (CCS) for review by NOAA headquarters climate and ecosystems staff.  The review of the draft proposal and a general discussion of the long term needs for observing and modeling the entire CCS, were the objectives of a meeting held on June 6, 2005 in La Jolla Ca. See the minutes for a list of participants, the agenda, and highlights of the meeting.

Table 1. Members of ad hoc Climate and Ecosystems Committee.

Last Name First Organization
Barth Jack OSU
Clarke Elizabeth NOAA, NMFS
Davis Russ UCSD, SIO
Hunter John UCSD, SIO
Peterson Bill NOAA, NMFS
Schwing Frank NOAA, NMFS