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Board of Governors Meeting Sept 10-11, 2009 Seattle, Washington
Progress Report: California Regional Associations
Steve Ramp View (pdf)  
NANOOS The IOOS Regional Association for the Pacific NW
Steve Uczekaj View (pdf)  
AOOS Presentation to PaCOOS
Leslie Holland-Bartels View (pdf)  
PaCOOS BofG Meeting USGS 2009 Update
Leslie Holland-Bartels View (pdf)  
IMECOCAL and Related Activities in the Southern Sector of the CCS
Tim Baumgartner View (pdf)  
Update on Ocean Conditions - 2009
Marc Trudel View (pdf)  
WA DFW Marine Fish Data Collection and Research Projects
Farron Wallace View (pdf)  
OR DFW Marine Resources Program Update to the 2009 PaCOOS BofG
Justin Ainsworth View (pdf)  
Update on West Coast IEA Activities: A Presentation to PaCOOS from NMFS SWFSC/NWFSC
Frank Schwing View (pdf)  
National Marine Sanctuary West Coast Observing Activities
Robert Pavia View (pdf)  
NMFS West Coast and PaCOOS Update
Jonathan Phinney View (pdf)  
Climate and Ecological Conditions in the California Current LME
Rosa Runcie View (pdf)  
Integration of Ocean Observations into an Ecosystem Approach to Resource Management: The Way Forward for PaCOOS?
Tony Koslow View (pdf)  
Juvenile Pacific Salmon Surveys & Salmon Forecast in the NE Pacific
Marc Trudel View (pdf)  
The North Coast Program: Bodega Line and Salmon Management
William Sydeman View (pdf)  
National Data Buoy Center Update to PaCOOS
Richard Crout View (pdf)  
Workshop on "Zooplankton Data and Information Infrastructure for the CA Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME)"
June 9-10, 2009 La Jolla, California
Data Integration Framework (DIF) Project
Jeff de La Beaujardière View (pdf)  
Regional Ecosystem Data Management
Sharon Mesick View (pdf)  
Zooplankton Atlas
Todd O’Brien
View (pdf)  
Cross Regional Comparative Data Efforts
Baldo Marinovic View (pdf)  
Planning forward for data organization in support of zooplankton knowledge production
Karen S. Baker View (pdf)  
Board of Governors Meeting May 21-22, 2008 La Jolla, California
Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS) Update – May 21, 2008 Eric Terril View (pdf)  
CeNCOOS the 15-minute Update – May 21, 2008 Steve Ramp View (pdf)  
Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems: The Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Regional Association for the Pacific NW – May 21, 2008 Jan Newton View (pdf)  
California Ocean Observing: California Department Fish & Game – May 21, 2008 Laura Rogers Bennett View (pdf)  
Coastal/Estuarine Ocean Research: USGS Western Ecological Research Center – May 21, 2008 Tom Suchanek View (pdf)  
US Geological Survey: Seafloor Mapping – May 21, 2008 Sam Johnson View (pdf)  
State of the Pacific Ocean 2007 – May 21, 2008 Laura Richards View (pdf)  
CICESE – May 21, 2008 Federico Graef View (pdf)  
Ocean Satellite Update: Surface Topography, Surface Vector Winds, Ocean Color – May 21, 2008 Stan Wilson View (pdf)  
West Coast National Marine Sanctuaries – May 21, 2008 Robert Pavia View (pdf)  
NOAA’s NDBC Support for the Pacific Ocean Observing System – May 21, 2008 Bill Burnett View (pdf)  
PaCOOS Update with Brief Introduction for New Attendees - May 21, 2008 Jonathan Phinney View (pdf)  
Scripps Institution of Oceanography – May 21, 2008 Tony Haymet View (pdf)  
National Marine Sanctuary West Coast Observing Activities – May 21, 2008 Robert Pavia View (pdf)  
NANOOS DMAC – Data Management and Communications – May 21, 2008 Steve Uczekaj View (pdf)  
Interactive Habitat Database for Pacific Coast Ocean Observing System – May 21, 2008 Elizabeth Clarke View (pdf)  
A Proposal for Cooperation: PaCOOS with NANOOS, CeNCOOS and SCCOOS – May 21, 2008 Russ Davis View (pdf)  
Linking Climate and Ecosystem Change in the Southern California Current – May 21, 2008 Tim Baumgartner View (pdf)  
Ocean Salmon Research and Management at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center – May 22, 2008 Churchill Grimes View (pdf)  
Current Research on the Effects of Ocean/Climate Variability on Fisheries Resources in the Pacific NW – May 22, 2008 John Ferguson View (pdf)  
Point Reyes Bird Observatory Update – May 22, 2008 Ellie Cohen   Download
British Columbia 2008 Salmon Fishery Outlook – May 22, 2008 Laura Richards View (pdf)  
Post: A Window on the Movement of Marine Animals – May 22, 2008 John Payne View (pdf)  
California Current Forage Fish Management – May 22, 2008 Jennifer Martin View (pdf)  
NOAA Integrated Ocean Observing Program: Data Integration Framework Update – May 22, 2008 Charles Alexander View (pdf)  
Climatic and Ecological Conditions in the California Current LME for January to March 2008 – May 22, 2008 Rosa Runcie View (pdf)  
Board of Governors Meeting May 16-17, 2007 Seattle, Washington
California Ocean Protection Council - May 16, 2007 Amber Mace View (pdf)  
Canadian Ocean Observations and Potential PaCOOS Collaborations - May 16, 2007 Robin Brown View (pdf)  
Climate Impacts on the California Current Ecosystem - May 16, 2007 Jack Barth View (pdf)  
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis - May 16, 2007 James Reichman View (pdf)  
NOAA NWS NDBC Involvement in PaCOOS - May 16, 2007 William Burnett View (pdf)  
NOAA West and West Coast Governors Agreement on Ocean Health - May 16, 2007 Usha Varansi and Kathleen Drew View (pdf)  
NSFs Ocean Research Interactive Observatory Networks - May 16, 2007 Jack Barth View (pdf)  
PaCOOS At the Eye of a Perfect Storm - May 16, 2007 Steve Murawski View (pdf)  
PISCO Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans - May 16, 2007 Kristen Milligan View (pdf)  
Updates and Developments National Marine Sanctuaries in the California Current - May 16, 2007 Robert Pavia View (pdf)  
NOAA West and WCGA - May 16, 2007 Usha Varanasi   Download
PaCOOS Board of Governance - May 16, 2007 Robert Pavia   Download

CalCOFI New opportunities and challenges PaCOOS relevant activities within SCCOOS - May 17, 2007

Eric Terrill View (pdf)  

Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System - May 17, 2007

Heather Kerkering View (pdf)  

Models IEAs and Monitoring - May 17, 2007

Phil Levin and Isaac Kaplan View (pdf)  

NOAAs Integrated Ocean Observing System Program Brief to PaCOOS BofG - May 17, 2007

CAPT Christopher Moore

View (pdf)  

Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems - May 17, 2007

Bill Fox View (pdf)  
Selected Presentations
PaCOOS Data Management - Dec 8, 2005 Frank Schwing View Download
CCS Seabird Monitoring - Dec 8, 2005 Tara Zimmerman View Download
PaCOOS for the 21st Century(from AFS Symposium) - Sep 11-15, 2005 Bill Fox, Usha Varanasi and John Hunter View Download
Why CCS - Capabilities and Drivers - Jun 2005 Frank Schwing View Download
PaCOOS - June 2005 Russ Davis View Download
PaCOOS and Climate/Ecosystem Proposal - Apr 2005 Bill Fox, John Hunter View  
PaCOOS - Oct 2004 Bill Fox View Download
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