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I. Zooplankton and Climate Change Reports on the West Coast

Integrating Plankton Survey Observations in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem - Workshop of Summary From September 25-26, 2006 Meeting (PDF format - 1.2MB)

II. Policy and Background The National Office for Integrated and Sustained Ocean Observations

Interagency Ocean Policy Group (IOPG), December 17, 2004

US Commission on Ocean Policy, September 20, 2004

Ecological effects of Fishing in Marine Ecosystems of the United States, 2002: Pew Oceans Commission. 52pp. (pdf 1.1 Mb)

Managing Marine Fisheries in the United States, 2002: Proceedings of the Pew Oceans Commission Workshop on Marine Fishery Management, Pew Oceans Commission. 80pp. (pdf 1.0 Mb)

Ecosystem-based fishery management, 1999: A report to Congress by the Ecosystems Principles Advisory Panel, US Dept. Commerce, NMFS, 62pp. (pdf 0.5 Mb)

III. Ecosystem Based Management and on Ecological Observing - Related Documents

Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Reauthorization Act (2006)

Sound Science: Synthesizing Ecological and Sociological Information about the Puget Sound Ecosystem

Ecosystem Science Capabilities Required to Support NOAA's Mission in the Year 2020 (2006)

A Biogeographic Assessment of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary: A Review of Boundary Expansion Concepts for NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program (2005)

Implementing the Work Priorities of the Subcommittee on Integrated Management of Ocean Resources (SIMOR)

Strategic Plan for the U.S. Integrated Earth Observation System

West Coast Governors’ Agreement on Ocean Health

CalCOFI Reports

Filling the Gaps: Priority Data Needs and Key Management Challenges for National Reporting on Ecosystem Condition

Sensors for Environmental Observatories

U.S. Ocean Action Plan Implementation Update

Charting the Course for Ocean Science in the United States for the Next Decade

Status of the Pacific Coast Coastal Pelagic Species Fishery and Recommended Acceptable Biological Catches: Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation 2007

Development of the U.S. Integrated Earth Observation System: Progress and Recommendations for the Way Forward

State of the Pacific Ocean 2005

IV. Integrated Ecological Assessment:

Charting Progress: An integrated Assessment of the State of UK Seas

Evolving an Ecosystem Approach to Science and Management Throughout NOAA and its Partners


NOAA IEA White Paper
Charting Progress: An Integrated Assessment of the State of UK Seas
Report of the Regional Ecosystem Study Group of the North Sea (REGNS)
State of the Eastern Scotian Shelf Ecosystem
The European Environment State and Outlook 2005
Condition Report 2006 (National Marine Sanctuaries)
Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Resource Ecology and Ecosystem Modeling
Annotated Bibliography of Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Concepts, Methods, Evaluations, and Implementation Examples (NOAA IEA Task Team, June 7, 2007)

AFSC Processed Report 2005-04
Fisheries and the Environment: Ecosystem Indicators for the North Pacific and Their Implications for Stock Assessment

State of the Eastern Scotian Shelf Ecosystem

Guidelines on Evaluating Ecosystem Overviews and Assessments: Necessary Documentation

Appendix C: Ecosystem Considerations for 2005

Appendix C: Ecosystem Considerations for 2007